Join us in the IRC chat on the Rizon network. ^_^

Please read the chat rules before joining:

1. Please do not ask for recommendations. You can look up recommendations by visiting the recommendation database.
2. Do not spam or flood the channel. Do not spam the bots. Posting links as soon as you join counts as spam.
3. No advertising.
4. Please do not promote nor link to competitor/illegal sites/services. Torrent links included.
5. Do not post spoilers in the main chat - posting a major spoiler will result in a ban.
6. Do not impersonate other members.
7. Please do not post links to or excessively talk about offensive/sexual material - this is a PG13 chat.
8. English is the official language in the chat. Occasional use of other languages is allowed, but only on a short-term basis.
9. Please refrain from using gender, sexual, racial, etc slurs - we have a zero tolerance policy on this. Continued use of these offensive terms will result in a ban.
10. No role playing in the main chan.
11. Do not argue with admins/ops/moderators.

Guidelines: Netiquette.
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