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Free Email and Web Space
AllSpark.Net Online

The AllSpark offers a service you won't see from too many other boards. We are giving current active members free email accounts and free web space. Here are the details.

Email accounts

Our server allows unlimited email accounts. The account name will be whatever you want The Internet Service Provider does not allow these accounts to be used for spam advertising, so consider them to be personal accounts only. These accounts can be associated with email programs such as Eudora or Outlook Express, or you can check your email by using a web-based interface.

Web space

Another benefit we have is the ability to give free web space to our members. This web space is ideal for hosting your ezboard images. Our ISP allows us to have unlimited web space and unlimited bandwidth. Your web space should also be considered to be a personal account and treated as such.

You will be given an FTP account on the server with your own username and password. Your website will have the address that will look something like this:

Contact tarantulas at for access.