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Note: This page has been updated somewhat, to include recent changes in policy.

Add an Anime

What can I submit?

You may submit information for any title that isn't in the AniRec, or updated information for an existing entry. Please also visit the AniRec Entry Requests List for a list of titles we'd like to see go up ASAP.

Ask if we need a given series before you send in an entry. We may already have one or more entries for that series that we simply haven't had the time to edit & add yet.

At Anime-Planet, we care about quality. Unlike other sites, we require that all information in the AniRec be unique; this means that every synopsis must be hand-written and all screenshots must be hand-taken -- nothing taken from anywhere else on the web.

My English sucks, can I still submit an anime?

Though we prefer that synopsis submitters are good writers, it is not required. If your submission is chosen, we do have editors that can work with you to create a good synopsis. Additional training is also available, in case you plan on submitting more anime in the future.


Though we look at all submissions, we can't guarantee that we will use yours.Your synopsis may be edited or updated depending on feedback from community members and the staff.

Before continuing, make sure you've answered the following questions:

What do I submit?

You must submit either a synopsis or screenshots, or both. Unless only one or the other has been specifically requested, please try to submit both, as the entry cannot be put up unless I have both.

The synopsis

Synopsis Templates

A few examples of a good synopsis:

"Rino is an orphan whose only memento of her mother is a taking puppet named Puuchan. After a generous donation from a mysterious benefactor, Rino finds herself enrolled in the prestigious all-girls high school known as Miyagami; and thus her adventure begins! With Rino's na've nature and Puuchan's sadistic streak, the duo quickly takes the school by storm. From the ranks of the seemingly all-powerful Best Student Council, Rino and Puuchan change the lives of everyone they meet, like it or not!"

"What do you get when you cross a farmer, a seductress, and a gigolo? The Nerima Daikon Brothers! These two guys and a gal would like nothing more than to sell out arenas and entertain the masses, but a lack of money and fame make this dream impossible. With the help of lecherous producers, a daikon-stealing panda and a crew of backup dancers, the trio must sing their way to the top and build the stadium of their dreams, lest they stay unknown and penniless forever!"

"Since he was a child, Kantaro Ichinomiya has had the ability to see demons; but one day, the young Kantaro was told of a goblin so powerful that it could vanquish any foe with ease. Intrigued, his search began. Now, in the present, Kantaro works as an exorcist, banishing demons who have possessed human bodies; yet still he searches - that is, until one day, he touches a mysterious seal and releases the legend itself! His name is Haruka, he"s good with the ladies, and he can kick demon butt like no other; but can he help Kantaro raise enough money for his rent?"

The screenshots

Please submit the following:

Do not crop any of the images yourself, and leave them at the same resolution that you took them at. Please save as jpg, png or bmp. Do not put an outline around any of the images. (JPG is greatly preferred.)

The main image

The main image is a 130x130 square cutout which represents the anime. Thus, you need to carefully choose which images you think satisfy this requirement. Generally, a single close-up shot of a main character is boring, but can be used if there are no other options.

Example "good" images:

  • main
  • main
  • main
  • main
  • main
  • main

Example "bad" images:

Though this image is appropriate for the series, once it's shrunk it will be too small to be effective (characters should be close up in the full-sized image)

main main

How do I take screenshots?

One option is to download the free VirtualDubMod, open the file, use the yellow keys, keyboard arrow keys, or the slider to scan around in the file and once you find a screenshot you like, press "ctrl+1" and then paste into a photo editor (photoshop, paint). Save the image, and you are done. Vdubmod doesn't open mkv files, so you'll have to use a different program for that..
A better option (especially for formats like mkv) is AviDemux. To take screenshots in AviDemux; use the slider to find a good scene, then simply click file->save->save JPEG image.
You can also use other programs such as powerdvd, windows media player, media player classic, VLC, etc. Google for how to take screenshots in those programs.

An image viewer such as Xnview can be useful in sorting through your screencaps to weed out bad ones or dupes, and converting them to jpg format if you didn't save them as jpeg originally.

How do I submit the anime?

Soon a form will be on this page. For now, email webmaster at anime-planet dot com and attach the screenshots (in a zip or rar file) and the synopsis.

Thanks for helping out!